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About Randi Miller


A Seasoned Professional

Chosen over 1,258 nationwide competitors in 2006 to be the first new voice on Washington DC's Metrorail in 35 years, Randi's voice is heard by over 800,000 riders each day in our nation's capital.  And she's much more than "the Voice of Metro."

Whether you need recorded narrations, an Emcee, live or pre-recorded "Voice of God" services for your event, a game show host to draw customers to your bar or restaurant, or more — Randi Miller is the artist production crews love to work with, and audiences love to listen to.  Her sense of humor combined with her passion for the purpose of your event ensures an experience your audience will be talking about for a long time.


A Versatile Artist

With a knack for inspiring donors to dig deep into their pockets, Randi has been the go-to auction and fundraising host for many annual non-profit events.  Her clarity and devotion to providing an exceptional experience to your guests  is sure to bring — not just fun — but professionalism and experience to your non-profit, corporate or private event.


Quality Recordings

With a state-of-the art studio that includes full acoustical treatment and industry forward equipment like Shure mics, Behringer mixers and Focusrite interface, you can trust the excellent audio quality you'll receive.  You can even remotely direct a session via Skype if you wish.  Files can be delivered via High Tail, Google Drive, or Dropbox.

Scope of Expertise



Narration of e-learning modules for the University of Maryland School of Social Work and the United States Department of Veterans Affairs in collaboration with the University of Maryland



Transit prompts and announcements for the Metrorail system in Washington DC, and the Smart Bus system in L.A. County, CA and in Fairfax County, VA



30- or 60-second ads, fully produced with music beds and sound effects for radio and television.  I can also provide script writing services

Game Shows


Drawing customers to your business during your "off" season can be a challenge.  Randi brings great music and factual hilarity in the form of weekly trivia games.

Emcee - "Voice of God"


Hosting of non-profit galas, and fundraising events (including live and silent auctions).  Also live or pre-recorded "voice of God" announcements during conferences and corporate events

Video Narrations


Narrations of the "Did You Know?" series on types of cancers for the National Cancer Institute.  Also narrated an "Energy Treasure Hunt" video for the Environmental Protection Agency. 


Tom Pantaleo - Clever Devices


"Its such a pleasure to work with a pro.  Randi always does a great job for Clever Devices!"

Chris Coleman - Yakabod, Inc.


"What a voice!  Randi was born to do this.  She really did a great job emceeing our event, and her narrations for our website were fantastic."

Mark Mendez, Executive Producer ICF Next


"I’m always pleased when clients pick Randi from a collection of auditions to narrate their project.  She has a warm, welcoming voice that draws in listeners, and from a production standpoint I know the session will run smoothly because Randi is an incredibly accurate reader. This saves us time in the session as well as in the edit. Randi Miller is THE Voice for several series that we produce."

randi miller in the news

The Sussex Countian

Published 10/17/2018

"Voice of Nation's Capital at Home in Lewes" -  If you’ve ever been on Route 1 in July, you know many Washingtonians vacation at the Delaware beaches. But did you know it’s a Lewes woman who narrates their daily commutes on the D.C. Metro? 

The Washington Post

Published 10/22/2014

"Her Voice is on Metro, But She Isn't" -  She’s been in the news before, but three interesting things pop out about the latest interviews with Randi Miller, the woman behind the “step back, doors closing” message and other recordings heard on Metro. According to the story ...

The GW Hatchet

The newspaper of George Washington University

Published 10/19/2014

"Riding the Metro With it's Most Recognizable Voice" -  The Metro is the third-most popular public transportation system in the country. For the 800,000 people who ride it every day, the “doors closing” announcements are all-too-familiar. We caught up with the woman behind the voice, Randi Miller, to chat about making a living as a voice actress and avoiding the train. 

American University Radio

Posted 11/5/2014

"Listen:  The Voice of Metro talks about the perks of being a DC celebrity" - An interview with Randi Miller.  (audio)

 It’s pretty safe to say you wouldn’t recognize Randi Miller if you saw her on the street. But if she opened her mouth, you might hear something familiar in her voice, like perhaps you’ve heard it before. 

Progressive Railroading

Published 4/2006

"WMATA's Doors Closing Voice Contest Opens a World of Voiceover Opportunities for Randi Miller" -  Do the names Harlan Hogan, Nancy Cartwright or Don LaFontaine sound familiar? Maybe not, but their voices sure do. You probably know them better as the man talking in the Disney “make the dream come true” commercials (Hogan), or the voice of Bart Simpson (Cartwright), or the guy you hear in many movie trailers (LaFontaine). 

The Washington Post

Published 02/01/2006

"Picking a Voice of Reason" -  

There is no cash prize, no Broyhill living room set, not even a free Metro ride -- just bragging rights and your voice piped into subway cars 33,017 times a day.  But the suspense mounts: Who will win the great Voice of Metrorail contest today? Which singular sound will be selected from among 10 finalists ...

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